Ready to ride? The Hershey Harrisburg Region offers a variety of scenic pathways and rugged trails for all skill levels in any season. Mountain bikers will enjoy a variety of challenging trail options, while those seeking a flatter more scenic experience can opt for the Greenbelt or Rail trail!  Challenge yourself with an early morning summer ride where you can finish your route as the sun rises. Then enjoy the rest of your day exploring other events and attractions throughout Hershey and Harrisburg.

See the springtime blooms with a trip early in the year, or watch the foliage change to bright reds, yellows, and orange tones with a fall getaway.  Our time to explore can sometimes be limited, but sights are not! Cover lots of ground and take in breathtaking scenery and historical nuggets planted all along the biking trails throughout Hershey & Harrisburg!


Stony Valley Rail Trail

Enjoy 19 miles of family-friendly trail near Dauphin, PA. This peaceful trek through Stony Valley is part of the second largest roadless wilderness tract of land of Pennsylvania, commonly known as State Game Lands #211.

  •  Trails:  1
  •  Highlighted Trail Length:  19.2mi
  •  Trail Type:  Primitive
  •  Difficulty:  Easy
  •  Average Time:  2.5 hrs
  •  Average Trail Grade:  1 degree
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Stony Valley Trail

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Capital Area Greenbelt

Enjoy 21 miles of beautiful scenery, historic architecture, and magnificent views of the river and Pennsylvania Capitol complex.  Combining urban, wooded, and paved trails, the Greenbelt Trail System is also popular for hikes, walks, and recreational biking.

  • 5 trails
  • Trail length:  21.89mi
  • Trail type:  Paved and primitive
  • Difficulty:  Easy to moderate
  • Average Time:  3.5 hrs
  • Average Trail Grade:  1.5 degrees
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Parkway biking

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Hershey Medical Center Trail

Ten miles of new trails wind their way through the Penn State University at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Campus. The trails are divided into two sections, with one side geared toward more challenging rides and the other hosting more open and flowing pathways.

  •  Trails:  10
  •  Highlighted Trail Length:  9.7mi
  •  Trail Type:  Paved & primitive
  •  Difficulty:  Moderate
  •  Average Time:  1.5 hrs
  •  Average Trail Grade:  2 degrees
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Hershey Medical Center path

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Rattling Creek Trail System

Expert riders looking for a challenging track with varied terrain will love this trail. The Rattling Creek trail network covers over 20+ miles of rugged singletrack terrain, as well as miles of tamer gravel forest roads. The trail network encompasses trails in the Weiser State Forest and in Lykens Borough.

  • Trails:  15
  •  Highlighted Trail Length:  22.3mi
  •  Trail Type:  Primitive and rocky
  •  Difficulty:  Difficult
  •  Average Time:  3.5 hrs
  •  Average Trail Grade:  3 degrees
  • Website

Rattling Creek

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