Sweet T & Greens

Food. Family. Future.

Eugene “Geno” Goodman beams with pride when he talks about the food he prepares, the family he loves, and the future he’s building for both.


Food for the Soul

Sweet T & Greens (located at Fresh Market at Hershey Towne Square) is serving up traditional southern foods inspired by family traditions and infused with a heavy helping of love and care.

The menu blends traditions from Geno’s family (smoked fish and collard greens) and his wife, Erin’s family (smoked meats and tangy sauces.) The result is what Geno and Erin call “food for the soul.” The meals – just like the ones dished out at his family’s own holiday or special event gatherings over the years - are so filling that Geno tells customers to, “Prepare yourself that you’re gonna want to sleep for the next ten hours.”

Menu Must Haves

Smoked Deviled Eggs. Geno says he gets some curious looks and questions about this menu item but urges everyone to give the unique side dish a try.

Maddy’s Mac. Maddy’s Mac is a special menu item inspired by Geno’s goddaughter. Madeline (“Maddy”) is autistic and can be picky when it comes to food – EXCEPT when it comes to Mac & Cheese! Geno serves up a special recipe to honor her and loves that he’s able to help raise autism awareness when people ask about the dish’s namesake.

Destination Hershey

Geno grew up in rural Virginia and often visited the Hershey area for family vacations. He always noticed the KISSES-shaped streetlights that line Chocolate Avenue and how the air smelled like chocolate. Now that he calls Hershey “home” for both his family and his business, he shares this advice to entrepreneurs starting their own journey.

“The biggest advice I would give is that you have a chance. If you have an idea and a hustle that you really want to get to – this city provides a chance.” He loves that the Hershey Harrisburg Region has a happy medium between the slower paced ways of his rural hometown and the hustle and bustle of Philly or DC – yet still close and accessible to those locations.

The Market Stand

Geno is as proud of the nuts and bolts of his market stand location in Hershey as he is of the flavors he cooks up within its kitchen.

“I did not hire a contractor because every copper cent matters,” he says. Instead, constructing the stand was a family affair. His son built the walls. His wife worked with plaster and drywall. Faded photos framed near the register show images of a farmhouse passed down through Erin’s family. Step back to look at the front of Sweet T & Greens and you’ll see that it’s modeled after those photos.

Catering (Of course!)

When cooking up BIG family meals with tons of creative and flavorful main dishes and sides is in your DNA, you're absolutely going to cater for family gatherings and special events!

If you're local - or if your organization is planning a special event in the Hershey Harrisburg Region - make a note to check in with Geno for catering options. 

Where to Explore: Geno’s Local Picks

Moving from Virginia to Hershey, PA 15+ years ago, Geno’s had plenty of time to explore his new home. When friends and family visit, or when he’s chatting with Sweet T & Greens customers looking for other places to see, he’s got a list of recommendations ready!

Harrisburg Golf Simulator – As a former football player and fitness enthusiast, Geno says taking some swings is a great way to stay loose and have some friendly competition.

Hidden Still – Geno says he loves the menu, craft spirits, and atmosphere at the family-owned distillery and restaurant.

Englewood Brewing – Geno often travels to see live music, but one local spot is high on his list. He says Englewood Brewing’s sound system in the indoor concert area is in a league of its own.

Miss Pho Saigon – Geno keeps it simple with this high praise: “Best Pho!”

Fun Fact: Geno played professional indoor football for the Harrisburg Stampede and he was more than just “ok!” His jersey number will be retired this year to honor his outstanding career!

Bliss Blends

Where Sweet T & Greens leans into the “I’m stuffed and I love it” vibe of eating, a second store run by Geno and Erin offers a menu a little more on the “healthy and sweets-in-moderation” side of the coin. Bliss Blends specializes in fruit smoothies and offers a mini pancake bar. Bliss Blends is located on the Market Level of Fresh Market at Hershey Towne Square.