Insider Hersheypark Tips


You’re pumped about your upcoming trip to Hersheypark®, and you might have already mapped out your park route to make sure you ride as much as you can! To help you make the most of your sweet day at the park, we’ve put together some insider tips and where to find awesome deals!

How to Navigate the Park

The best way for a first-timer to get around Hersheypark is with the mobile app! Not just a digital map in your pocket, the Hersheypark app filters your ride options by type and height category, shows entertainment schedules, and allows you to browse food locations, menus, allergy information and place mobile orders. You can also find the fastest route to your next ride with the “Take Me There” functionality. The app also provides insights on how long you might be standing in line when you get there. Instead of walking across the park to find out your favorite ride has a “sooperdooper” long wait time, you might decide to hop on a few other rides until the crowd clears! The app can tell you ahead of time if a ride is closed for repairs and can push an alert when it reopens so you can “skyrush” right over!

Another tip for minimizing ride lines is to head to the back of the park when you arrive and work your way towards the front. Most guests will start with the attractions they encounter first, so you can get a jump on the lines by targeting the attractions that are further way first. Planning your day in this way also means you’ll end up at the front of the park at the end of your day, which is convenient for departure when you’ve had your fill of fun! 


ZooAmerica Alligator


Animal lovers interested in ZooAmerica® North American Wildlife Park should stop in before lunch or in the evening. The furry residents of ZooAmerica are most active in cooler temperatures, so you’re more likely to catch them scurrying about rather than seeking shelter in the shade!

Did You Know? Every Hersheypark ticket comes with the Summer Preview Plan that gives you a sweet sneak peek of the park the night before your full day visit. Park-goers who spend the night receive up to 2 hours free at Hersheypark. Guests of the Official Resorts of Hersheypark receive up to 3 hours free with the Preview Plan and exclusive 1-hour early access to select rides with Sweet Start℠.

How to do Hersheypark like a VIP

Wouldn’t it be awesome to hop right to the front of the line like a celebrity? The Fast Track℠ program saves time and allows you to skip the regular line once at featured attractions. Fast Track Unlimited allows you to skip the regular line on the featured attractions all day long! You’ll be checking off every ride on your list in no time!

HPGO℠ is a personalized program that allows you to view your ride stats and ride photos in the Hersheypark app. Plus, you can connect your Fast Track purchase with your HPGO wristband to skip the regular line!

Hersheypark Ferris Wheel

Stayover for the Most Fun

Hersheypark Sunset Picture

Staying over in Hershey or Harrisburg gives you the best opportunity to maximize your park time and all there is to do. Staying at The Hotel Hershey®, Hershey Lodge®, or Hersheypark Camping Resort®, known as The Official Resorts of Hersheypark®, will also give you additional Preview time, 1-hour early access to select rides with Hersheypark Sweet Start and free parking at Hersheypark.

You can find many more sweet stays here.

Lasting Memories
During your visit, don’t miss the chance to say hello, have a dance party, or snap a selfie with your favorite Hershey℠ Characters! Check the Hersheypark App for Meet & Greet Showtimes inside Hershey’s Chocolatetown. 

When it comes to weather and its impact on Hersheypark attendance, overcast days with a slight chance of rain are great times to visit. In most cases, the roller coasters can run in a drizzle, so you’ll find shorter wait times for your favorite thrill rides. If there is a popup downpour or storm, take cover and use this time to explore the shops or grab a bite to eat or a sweet treat at an indoor eatery. When the clouds break you can be first in line because many folks will call it a day and head home!

Take a peek at the operating hours at Hershey's Chocolate World, so you can plan to stop in before or after your park trip! If you're planning on buying chocolate (of course you are!) and you don't want it to melt (oh no!), consider a cooler with an ice pack and be mindful of long the treats will be in the car! Have more money for chocolate when you use Hershey’s Chocolate World Adventure Bundle to save on attraction tickets and meals!

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