Rattling Creek Trail System

Expert riders looking for a challenging track with varied terrain will love this trail, designated as an IMBA Epic Trail. The Rattling Creek trail network covers over 20+ miles of rugged singletrack terrain, as well as miles of tamer gravel forest roads. The trail network encompasses trails in the Weiser State Forest and in Lykens Borough. The Rattling Creek Trail system was built by Lykens locals looking to maximize rideability and sustainability. Riders can expect a mix of technical challenges on rocky paths, steep climbs, and woods roads.










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Not sure if you're up to a full IMBA-designated Epic trail? A small loop at the beginning of the trail offers a chance for riders to test their mettle before getting too deep into the trail. You can park at the trailhead on Lykens Rd and ride across Powells Valley Road to access Stone Cabin and Rugged trails. Start with Stone Cabin to ride in a counter-clockwise direction for an introduction to the terrain and a sample of what the full trail holds.



Hunting Season and Night Rides

Please be aware of the hunting season calendar and remember to always wear fluorescent orange on the trail system during those times. Night riding is permitted at all hours. It is highly recommended that riders use the trail at night in pairs or more and to always use lights mounted on both the handlebar and helmet.  



Getting There:

There are several parking areas to begin your ride at different areas of the trail.

East End Parking Lot:  Powells Valley Rd,  Halifax, PA 17032  
Minnich Hit Picnic Area: White Oak Road, Weiser State Forest
Snowmobile Parking Lot: White Oak Rd, Halifax, PA 17032 


Family Fun

Family Fun

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