Public Art

Art is all around us! Pops of color turn up at nearly every corner as mural projects turn ordinary brick facades into rich canvases for beautiful and inspiring artistic creations. Don’t rush from place to place when you’re visiting. Take a moment to look around and enjoy the outdoor art that brightens our city!


A Love Story

Location: 263 Oliver Alley
Artist: Anat Ronen

A Love Story Mural


Location: 1321 N 4th St. (Stokes Millworks Building) 
Artist: Brandon Spicer-Crawley 

Happiness Mural

Orange Painted Line

Jimi Hendrix

Location: Club XL Live, 801 S 10th St.
Artist: ARCY

Jimi Hendrix Mural

Melting Pot

Location: 28 S. Dewberry St, on the rear of the Messiah Institute Building
Artist: Dizz “Dizzuane” Gavins

Melting Pot Mural

Murals Light Blue Painted Line

Portraits of the Community

Location: Mulberry Street Bridge 
Artist: This project was led by muralist Ian Potter



Portraits of the Community Mural





Location: 928 James St.
Artist: Bryan "King Prolific" Hickman

Raffia Mural

Murals Purple Painted Line

The Pollinators

Location: Patrick Alley, behind Yellow Bird Café, 1320 N. 3rd St.
Artist: Gloria Jean Martin 

The Pollinators Mural

To The Moon

Location: Capital Joe, 416 Forester St.
Artist: Arthur Haywood IV

To The Moon Mural