Happiness Mural


Muralist Brandon Spicer-Crawley is a prolific Black artist who is intellectually disabled. From the 300 artists who applied to be part of the nonprofit Sprocket Mural Works’ 2019 Harrisburg Mural Festival, he was one of about a dozen selected, to highlight the power of art within artists of all backgrounds .Brandon is one of many Black artists whose murals now stand as public art for all to enjoy in Harrisburg.


Spicer-Crawley lives and works in the suburban Philadelphia area. He’s an artist with the Center for Creative Works, a unique work environment with a goal of developing creative work potential and cultural identity for people with intellectual disabilities.


Abstract and contemporary in design, Spicer-Crawley’s first mural panel was installed in 2019. He returned to Harrisburg in 2021 to install the middle panel, and we look forward to his return at a future date, to complete the entire wall-length mural. His style is simultaneously freeform and carefully crafted with numerous recurring motifs. Notice how there seems to be energy and movement emanating from this mural, enlivening what would otherwise be an unremarkable alleyway.