Melting Pot

Melting Pot Mural


“Dizzuane” (pronounced “Dizz-Wayne”) is a prominent Black artist from nearby York. This mural, like many urban murals, brighten otherwise drab landscape colors—the colors of concrete, sidewalks, streets and buildings. Many people feel that drab city colors affect their mood and daily lives. Dizz was inspired to add this cheerful mural to uplift those spirits! Think about how different this space must have looked before his mural was created. And think about how the colors in his mural make you feel. That’s his goal with the mural—not to convey a specific theme, per se—“It’s just there to help you explore your own creativity,” he says. 

Dizz is known for his “drip style” of painting. His free-flowing, abstract art graces everything from canvases to shoes, clothing, and even cars. 

This Mural, as well as many others around the city, was sponsored by Harristown, a non-profit real estate development organization. Leaders at Harristown see murals as valuable assets that not only enhance properties but also enhance the lives of city residents, workers, and visitors.