A Love Story

A Love Story Mural


The children depicted in this mural are representative of Harrisburg’s diversity. They were painted based upon actual photographs taken at a Harrisburg school. So, what is this mural all about? Children, as the mural’s theme, speak to the city’s future. There is hope and promise in their joy and diversity. And there is something pure and inspirational about children of all backgrounds coming together in a joyful mural. 

The muralist, Anat Ronen, is a native of Israel who is now a U.S. citizen. Her artistic career began in a very small way—she created handmade greeting cards for her friends and family who encouraged her to pursue art. In 2009, she stumbled upon an opportunity to be an artist for Via Colori, a Houston street painting festival. She has regularly created murals ever since—in the U.S., Europe, and her native Israel. As a mother herself, she tries to paint all people—especially children—with a mother’s love.

The homeowners where the mural was installed arranged for the artwork to be a gift from the entire family to its matriarch. Visitors who discover this somewhat hidden gem of a mural will likely be inspired by the love painted into the children’s shining faces.