Check availability and get your Turkey Hill Experience tickets online, with the optional addition of the Turkey Hill Taste Lab. What could be cooler than unlimited free samples of locally-made Turkey Hill ice cream and iced tea?

The young-at-heart and ice cream lovers of all ages will enjoy making virtual ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience. Participate in the stations in this order: first create your flavor, then design your packaging, and lastly, make your TV commercial, which can then be emailed to you as a keepsake!

The optional Taste Lab at the Turkey Hill Experience takes you from virtual ice cream to real ice cream. Reserve your Taste Lab time and ticket online. At your allotted time, you get your own pint of base ice cream to completely customize with flavors and mix-ins to create (and then eat, of course!) your perfect ice cream.

Pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, and bug spray and get on the road to Little Buffalo State Park in Newport. This wonderful state park features a huge, crystal clear pool complete with 2 waterslides and a refreshing splash and spray area. Or, if you’d rather enjoy the water without getting wet, you can boat and fish on Holman Lake.

A great getaway for a low cost! There is just a nominal fee for the pool at Little Buffalo State Park, and you can rent a boat there for paddling or fishing, or bring your own. There are also pavilions at the park available for barbeques and picnics, so do bring a lunch, snacks, and lots of water to stay hydrated during these warm summer days! You can only bring water inside the fenced-in pool area, but there is a cooer check area conveniently located at the pool gate.