Lake Tobias Wildlife Park


It’s hard to “hide” something that covers more than 150 acres, but we sometimes refer to Lake Tobias as a “hidden gem” attraction because few people would expect to find such an incredible collection of exotic animals just a few miles from Harrisburg!

A visit to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park includes opportunities to see huge animals like giraffes, bison, elk, watusi, and more. A petting zoo features goats, llamas, fallow deer, and a camel. Nuzzle a pygmy goat and then give him some treats!


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The Safari Tour


Lake Tobias’ signature attraction, the Safari Tour, is now a self-guided adventure. From your own vehicle, the family can see elk, bison, deer, antelope, flightless birds, and exotic animals like the Watusi (African cattle) and Asian Water Buffalo. In all, more than 500 animals roam freely across 150 acres of rolling hills.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the water buffalo has 3 times the fat content in its milk compared to our cattle species? That’s why their milk is said to make the world’s best mozzarella cheese!

The Giraffe Encounter


Meet Spike, Bakari, and Tucker! A walking trail through the newest section of the park leads to these fine fellas roaming in their three-acre pasture. Giraffes are the tallest land animal and seeing these lofty lads up close is a truly unique experience.

Lake Tobias offers visitors a chance to give the giraffes a special treat (like vegetables and Acacia branches) from an elevated platform. A giraffe's diet is very strict, and a limited food supply will be sold during each feeding time. Giraffe Feeding Times: 10:30, 1:00, and 4:00.



Park History


Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is part zoo, part African safari, part farm, and all family labor of love. The Tobias family has operated the park for more than 50 years, and they take pride in delivering one of the region's most unique experiences to visitors each day.

If you’re wondering how these exotic animals ended up in Halifax, it all started with J.R. Tobias, the park’s founder and lifetime animal lover. Learn more about Tobias, his vision, and his animals through the exhibits at the J.R. Tobias Museum & Education Center. There’re also a few animal exhibits inside as well including colorful toucans and a 500-gallon freshwater aquarium!


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