Murals & More Trail



Many of the murals you’ll see today were made possible by Sprocket Mural Works, a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting our community through diverse examples of public art. We applaud Sprocket’s community-minded and art-inspired work to enhance the city’s art scene with new mural projects every year!  

Join us on an audio-led walking tour of public art in Harrisburg. The tour features 30+ locations including colorful murals, inspiring architecture, and grand monuments. Explore one (or both!) of our suggested routes – each one just about a mile long.

Check in along the way using the mobile passport. After 14 check-ins, you'll win a set of beautiful postcards featuring art and destinations from the trail. Send them to friends or use them for decoration or inspiration! 

Murals & More Postcards Graphic

Tour Tips:

  • We’ve created two suggested routes; The 3rd Street Walk to the Capitol and the Monuments & Murals Loop.  

  • Each suggested route is approximately one mile in length on a mostly flat, paved, and easy to navigate path. At almost every point along the routes, the majestic PA Capitol Dome is visible as a navigation waypoint.  

  • You can follow the routes or make your own path.  

  • Most highlighted stops are free, outdoor public art installments.  

  • Two stops (The Susquehanna Art Museum and the State Museum of Pennsylvania), require paid admission for full museum access. Plan a few extra hours to work these into your tour or visit us another time to enjoy at your own pace. 

  • We’ve chosen artwork that’s viewable from well-traveled, paved sidewalks. Use common pedestrian safety practices to ensure a safe walk for yourself and for others enjoying the city.   

  • This tour DOES NOT include every mural or piece of art in Harrisburg. Our goal is to highlight areas with a high density of diverse work that’s walkable in just a few hours. 

  • Some locations include a “You Might Also Like” mention. These are murals or attractions that are a few blocks off the suggested route. Close enough to mention, but juuuust outside the scope of our mile-long routes. The choice is yours for adding them into your tour!  

Art is Rewarding

  • Use the mobile pass to check in at each location. 

  • Just tap the “Check In” button on your app when you’re close to the mural. No codes needed! 

  • For a successful check-in, your phone's Location Services in the Privacy Settings should be "on," and your browser's setting should allow location access "While using the app." It's a geolocation check-in, so check-in before heading to the next stop on your tour!

  • Accumulate 14 check-ins to earn a set of 5x7 postcards featuring murals and destinations from the trail.  

  • No purchase is necessary to participate in the Visit Hershey & Harrisburg Walk of Art.  

  • Prizes will be mailed within about a month from the participant’s verified 14th mobile check-in.