Young Professionals of Color


In July of 2016, the Young Professionals of Color - Greater Harrisburg (YPOC) group was formed to enrich the lives of diverse workers across the Capitol region. With over 100 countries represented and languages spoken in the region, YPOC provides a welcoming and culturally sensitive community support space. If you live in the greater Harrisburg area and are looking to expand your social circles, network, or support local diverse community events, then YPOC is for you! VISION: We look forward to a city and region where young professionals of color are welcomed as positive contributing members of society, where their talents can be cultivated, and where their civic and social engagement is invited and honored as we transform our neighborhoods, municipalities, and counties over the next decade. MISSION: To create community for the black and brown professional collective in the Greater Harrisburg Area, and to empower professionals of color to thrive within the community.