One the questions we hear most often at the Visitors Bureau is, "What can we do while we're visiting that's different?" We're fortunate in the Hershey Harrisburg Region to have a pretty long list of answers to that question, and we love the surprise we hear when we suggest Lake Tobias Wildlife Park for a safari tour in the middle of Pennsylvania. 

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Visit Hershey Harrisburg YouTube Video Link

"So what is that? A zoo?," they ask. Kind of, but more. Much more! It's part zoo. Part African safari. Part farm. Part family labor of love. The Tobias family has been operating the Halifax, PA business for 50 years, and they take a huge amount of pride in delivering one of the region's most unique experiences to visitors each day. You can't make friends with a North American Bison at Disney World, but at Lake Tobias the 1-ton animal and dozens of his closest 1-ton, huge-horned or spotted coat friends will wander right up to the safari tour vehicle to find a treat.

Safari Tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Visit Hershey Harrisburg

With a petting zoo, reptile house and other exotic animal exhibits to see, a Lake Tobias day trip gets pretty wild pretty fast! Peacocks and chickens wander freely over the grounds. The petting zoo has one of the friendliest camels you'll ever meet, and believe us when we say that the Two-toed Tree Sloth is as fascinating as is sounds! 

Child petting boa snake at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Visit Hershey Harrisburg 
So for a day full of Did you see thats and Can we do it agains, make plans to visit Lake Tobias. We think it's pretty tough to go wrong with a state-side safari experience that combines exotic animals, the outdoors, wildlife education and camel kisses!