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VHH Introduces Hershey Harrisburg Adventure Trail

Harrisburg, PA (August 26, 2020)  --  VHH proudly introduces the Hershey Harrisburg Adventure Trail. The Hershey Harrisburg region is filled with diverse outdoor experiences, and our newest campaign promotes a variety of activity combinations to encourage new adventures and overnight stays.

The VHH Adventure Trail highlights outdoor experiences for Hiking, Biking, Kayaking and Family Fun. Visitors could easily make a day trip for a hike on Peters Mountain, but if they add a walk in Wildwood Park and stop at Lake Tobias, the visit becomes an overnight trip.

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While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to blunt some travel experiences, industry research has shown that travelers still want to explore and that outdoor activities are in high demand. While the new Adventure Trail promotes experiences in a way that’s designed to appeal to visitors during this unique period, the interest in outdoor adventure is timeless. VHH will continue to add suggested activities and the Adventure Trail will grow and change over time. It’s a great time to be adventurous!

The Adventure Trail is the second experience in the VHH Experience Development program. The Hershey Harrisburg Brew Barons Beer Trail mobile application was launched in July 2020. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, the app has found success with thousands of downloads from both local and out of town beer enthusiasts eager to support local craft breweries and experience new locations. 


Author: Allison Rohrbaugh | Visit Hershey & Harrisburg