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Author: Showcases Pennsylvania’s Culinary Best

In 2018 the site became and introduced readers to Pennsylvania’s first online publication dedicated solely to PA food + drink and agricultural news. Publishers said this significant shift after 12-years of producing Town Dish was to transform the site from a source previously focused on hyper-local culinary content to a comprehensive resource with a statewide focus. includes local culinary news and information from across the Commonwealth, plus the latest agricultural industry trends impacting PA and the people who live here. It is the first and only publication of its kind in Pennsylvania, according to announcement from Dish LLC, the PA-based leader in producing and publishing specialty culinary content.

The new spotlights Pennsylvania brands and iconic foods and focuses on PA’s unique food culture, showcasing it all through trendy videos, custom recipes, photography and features that are compelling, beautiful and engaging. On, find inside scoop and conversations about makers, artisans, farmers, chefs, brewers, vintners and others who inform and create Pennsylvania cuisine. Learn about what’s hot and happening in Pennsylvania agriculture, plus discover the latest news about PA foods and easy-to-follow recipes.

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