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“A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can.” ~ Maira Kalman

Harrisburg’s Capital City is dotted with museums and galleries that inspire and educate with stories about the past that intrinsically inform the present. Learn about the rich history of the Keystone State and see the world through the creative perspective of talented artists and in the curated collections of cultural artifacts.


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Art Association of Harrisburg Couple     

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Art Association of Harrisburg

The Art Association of Harrisburg strives to make the visual arts “accessible, relatable, and enjoyable” to not only its guests but through traveling exhibits and educational opportunities. Exhibits feature beautiful artwork from local and world class artists. The Art Association’s home – a handsome brownstone facing the Susquehanna River on N. Front Street – is known as Findlay Mansion in honor of PA’s Governor William Findlay who resided there from 1817 to 1823.

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Nyeusi Gallery

Nyeusi Gallery’s walls burst with the bright colors of creative expression Africa, the Caribbean, and America. Paintings, masks, statues, and jewelry from the African Diaspora circle are on display throughout the gallery in Harrisburg’s Midtown. You’ll find works from talented local artists as well. From photography to abstract art, the gallery is a collection of culturally engaging art and artifacts from across the world.

Nyeusi Gallery BHM    

Millworks Harrisburg Arts District     

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The Millworks

Art. Music. Food. Craft Beer. It’s all on the itinerary in this all-in-one arts and entertainment destination in Harrisburg’s Midtown neighborhood. The Millworks’ commitment to local artists is on full display with its entrance gallery and gift shop, as well as its configuration with dozens of artist studios and open houses where guests can meet the artists and watch as they create art, sculptures, and more. Beyond the art, guests can enjoy a delicious meal from locally sourced ingredients, a craft beer at the bar or the roof top biergarten, and listen to live music.

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Pennsylvania Capitol Complex     

Its nickname - appropriately – is “A Palace of Art.” From its massive dome that serves as a visual centerpiece to the Harrisburg skyline to the priceless works or art and historic architecture throughout the complex, the PA State Capitol is a captivatingly beautiful destination. Take a free tour (offered daily) to hear stories behind the art and to learn about the extensive history that’s woven into the everything from the floor tiles to the massive monuments across the grounds.

PA Capitol Harrisburg Arts District    

State Museum Valor Painting     

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The State Museum of PA

The State Museum of PA is a love letter to the Keystone State’s rich history. It’s a postcard that captures moments and milestones that impacted not just Pennsylvania but lives and industries across the nation. See the skeleton of a massive mastodon. Discover PA’s rich Native American history. Find interesting facts about the state’s diverse wildlife population. Examine constellations and explore the solar system inside the museum’s Planetarium. This and so much more as you explore the museum that’s located right next to the PA State Capitol Building.

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The Susquehanna Art Museum      

With expertly curated rotating exhibits, there is always something new to see at the Susquehanna Art Museum. The original vault door is an historic artistic centerpiece to the reclaimed building that once housed a massive Harrisburg bank. Guests of all ages can enjoy engaging exhibits throughout a series of galleries. The museum’s mission is to encourage and inspire visitors to become more familiar with, knowledgeable of, and appreciative of the art and culture that surrounds us.

Susquehanna Art Museum    

Whitaker Center Harrisburg Arts District     

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The Whitaker Center

You might call it a “museum of technology.” Hands-on exhibits at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts showcase the building blocks of science and technology while offering the opportunity for guests to use and discover modern methods and tools. Through workshops and rotating exhibits, guests can immerse themselves is the wonders of weather, geology, film, and computer science. Theaters with huge digital screens showcase the brilliant sights and sounds of nature and scientific discovery.  (Bonus: Whitaker Center is also a live performance hub with its beautiful 700 seat performance venue showcasing local, regional, and world-renowned talent.)