Leprechauns & Lagers

 It’s time for Leprechauns & Lagers – a limited time bonus tour on the Hershey Harrisburg Brew Barons Beer Trail on tap between February 15 and March 31.


Leprechauns & Lagers Logo 2024  

Whether you’re a seasoned Brew Baron who’s checked in and earned prizes through the original mobile passport or you’re new to the trail (what took you so long?), this special mobile passport event is a chance to earn an exclusive Leprechauns & Lagers t-shirt. Here’s how:


Leprechauns & Lagers Shirt

For the aspiring Brew Baron:

1) Download the FREE Brew Barons mobile passport below and add it to your phone’s home screen. This is the original passport, where you can visit participating breweries and earn prizes after checking-in along the way.

2) On the mobile passport home screen, tap the Leprechauns & Lagers tab to open the limited time promotion. (Same great list of breweries as the original trail, but checking in on the Leprechauns & Lagers tour is your path to earning the exclusive t-shirt.)

3) Check in at 8 locations on the Leprechauns & Lagers tab, and you’ll earn the t-shirt!

For the seasoned Brew Baron:

1) Open your Brew Barons mobile passport.

2) Tap the Leprechauns & Lagers tab. Same great list of breweries, new limited-edition prize.

3) Check in at 8 different breweries using the Leprechauns & Lagers tab to earn your t-shirt.

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You have questions. We have answers.

Q: When I visit a brewery, can I check in on Brew Barons AND Leprechauns & Lagers?

A: If it’s your first visit to that brewery, yes. A check-in on Brew Barons is a step toward prizes associated with the original passport. A check-in on Leprechauns & Lagers is a step toward your limited-edition t-shirt.

*If you are visiting a brewery where you’ve already checked in on the original Brew Barons passport, that check-in is complete. You can still check-in on Leprechauns & Lagers.

Q: How many check-ins do I need to earn my Leprechauns & Lagers t-shirt

A: 8

Q: When will I receive my t-shirt?

A: Our team will send out t-shirts within about two weeks of a guest achieving the target number of check-ins. 


May the pour always be perfect

May the friendships always be true

May the luck of the Irish be with you

As you raise a glass of local craft brew