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The only Pennsylvania stream listed in the popular publication “50 Places to Fish Before You Die,” (Santella, 2012), LeTort Spring Run is a challenge well-worth the reward. Its clear, high-quality waters make it easy for the fish to spot their foes. BUT, if you’re skilled enough to catch one – it could be “the big one.” Record-setting brown trout swim through this wildly popular fly-fisherman’s dream destination. 

Highlighted Section #1 - LeTort Park Class A Stream

LeTort Spring Run is just under 10 miles in length. This tributary of the Conodoguinet generally measures 20 feet between the banks, but the soft bottom can plunge fairly deep in some spots so waders must remain vigilant! The stream runs through LeTort Spring Park and enters Carlisle City just below the park.

Experts’ recommendations are to cast out from the lower areas of the stream that have some wider areas compared to the upper regions where vegetation is much thicker. Some gentle runs and riffles create good spots to catch trout.

The spring-fed waterway stays cool in the warmest of summer temperatures. A 1.5 mile stretch between Route 481 and Reading Railroad Bridge is catch and release only, where the trout are typically very large.

Seasoned flyfishers know the names Charlie Fox and Vince Marinaro. These legends developed many popular fly fishing techniques while fishing LeTort.  Perhaps you can begin your own legend today!