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At 142 miles in length, the Juniata River is the 2nd largest tributary of the Susquehanna River. We invite anglers to focus on about 14 local miles of “The Big J” (the Little Juniata or “Little J” is one of its famous cold-water tributaries), where a broad and shallow course runs between steep ridges and through scenic water gaps. The Juniata meets the Susquehanna about 15 miles north of Harrisburg. Canoes are often seen on the waters as fishing enthusiasts float the shallows and stop along the banks. Smallmouth bass are plentiful and anglers can also find muskies, walleyes, rock bass, catfish, and carp.


Amity Hall Access 

The Amity Hall boat launch is the final access point to enter before the Juniata joins the Susquehanna River at Duncannon. This section is the widest and deepest part of the river, making it great for boating. There is little to no stream bank available for shore fishing or wading. Fishing the mouth of the Juniata is a popular option when conditions in the Susquehanna are too murky or when low waters force schools of fish up the tributary in warm or dry seasons.



 Greenwood Access

The Greenwood Access boat launch near historic Millerstown offers entry to the Juniata. The area features lots of boulders, logs, and habitats that game fish desire. In addition to the smallmouth bass that are frequently found along the entire length of the Juniata, this section also holds rock bass and other hard-to-target game fish, including the elusive muskellunge.