Tourism & Hospitality Job Board

Do you have an open position or positions that could use some extra exposure? Use the Partner Portal to submit the job opening and extend your reach to the thousands of visitors who browse our site every day. VHH is happy to offer access to the Tourism & Hospitality Job Board as an exclusive benefit to Investing Partners and as a tool to bolster our region’s hospitality workforce.  

Job Posting Guidelines:

  • Job listings are for paid positions only.
  • Each job listing should be for a specific job title. General “We are hiring” listings will not be posted.
  • Each job listing may be open for no more than 12 weeks (or about 3 months.)

Steps to add your job to our website:

Collateral step 2

  • Click on the ADD OFFER blue button.
  • Enter the job title, link, description text ( 250 characters max).
  • Select an image (or add a new image in collateral - media).
  • Enter the dates when the job is open and when it should be posted on our website. 
  • Select the closest matching job category. 
  • Choose the leisure listing. 
  • Click on the blue save button to send the form data to us to approve. 


Watch this video for step by step instructions:



Click here to view current hospitality jobs.