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Hidden Gem: Pennsylvania National Fire Museum

Pennsylvania National Fire Museum

In politics, things like name recognition and tenure can help to carry a candidate to office. It can be like that in tourism sometimes as well.  We know that a world-class brand (like Hershey) or an historic landmark (like The Pennsylvania State Capitol Building) often jump to the top of a visitor’s list because they have long, well-known histories. They’re obvious picks and here in the Hershey Harrisburg Region, those marquis attractions meet and exceed the hype as must-see attractions.

But we also know that so many travelers are looking for vacation experiences off the beaten path. They’re looking for hidden gems.

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“Give us 90 minutes and we’ll give you the complete history of fire service from the 1700s to the present.”  Trust us. You have 90 minutes for the Pennsylvania National Fire Museum. You have 90 minutes for two stories of firefighting history housed in an authentic 1899 Harrisburg fire house.

Pennsylvania National Fire Museum in Hershey Harrisburg

Even with today’s technology, firefighters face constant risk in every response.  The Fire Museum turns back the clock more than 200 years to show us how men used hand-drawn equipment and literally followed the smoke to save burning buildings and anyone trapped inside.

PA National Fire Museum in Hershey Harrisburg

The museum’s strength is its simplicity. Flashy interactives are commonplace and well-utilized in many modern museums, but the Fire Museum deals in straightforward exhibits that allow the entire experience to retain an authenticity to be truly appreciated. The museum’s all-volunteer staff (after all – fire service began as an all-volunteer system and relies heavily on volunteerism today) curates a small but impactful collection of exhibits that give visitors a real glimpse into the evolution of firefighting, the advancement of fire safety and the dedication of the men and women who fight fires. 

90 minutes. You have 90 minutes.

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