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When you go fishing, you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Clark’s Creek is one of those spots where you feel “away” even before you arrive as you drive the incline up into the Peter’s Mountain area. Turning onto Clark’s Valley Road to find one of several access points, you’ll likely be joined by hikers headed for a different kind of outdoor getaway!

Clark’s Creek is a well-stocked trout fishery and also lively with wild brown trout and the occasional wild brook trout. The stream is under standard Approved Trout Water regulations, except for the sections highlighted below.

Highlighted Section #1 - Children and People with Disabilities Section (Trout Nursery)

A 1-mile stretch of Clark’s Creek near Detweiler Park and the EJ Stackpole Memorial Nursery is for children under 12 and people with disabilities. Children must be accompanied by an adult who may can assist in fishing, but not fish independently of the children. The nursery cares for nearly 8,000 trout per year that help to stock trout waters across the state.


Highlighted Section #2 - Fly Fishing Only Section 

Looking for a spot that’s specific to fly fishing? A 2.6 mile stretch of creek in fertile forests is open year-round and designated as no harvest. The section is stocked, but like other sections of the creek also bears native brook trout and wild brown trout.


Highlighted Section #3 - Appalachian Trail Crossing

Upstream from the Fly Fishing Only section, the stream returns to standard Approved Trout Water Regulations as it rolls through state game lands and intersects the famed Appalachian Trail. Here, you’re getting close to the DeHart Dam and Reservoir (fishing prohibited), which provides drinking water for the city of Harrisburg.  The peaceful and serene location offers no hint that the bustle of the city is just a few miles to the south. Plenty of parking spaces leave room for hikers and fishers alike.