Media Tours

The Stories Will (Almost) Write Themselves


Media Pass Program

We have developed a Media Pass Program to process the enormous number of individual Media Tour requests we receive annually. The following outlines how this process works.

Step 1: Review Our Media Policies

Prior to requesting a Media Tour, we strongly encourage you to review our Media Policies located under the About Us tab on this site.


Step 2: Media Tour Themes & Sample Itineraries

Review the uniquely themed media tours currently offered by Visit Hershey & Harrisburg.

  1. “Hershey Area – Been There, Haven’t Done That”
  2. “Hershey Resort – Sweet Escape”
  3. “Harrisburg – Culture Vulture”
  4. “Active & Outdoors – Soft Adventure”
  5. “Love the Local – Homemade & Handcrafted”
  6. “Grown-Up Getaway”
  7. “Wine Quest & Craft Beer Country”
  • Click on the “Download Trip PDF” button at the bottom of each tour page to see the detailed itinerary for that tour.
  • Sample Itineraries include times and additional notes for each tour.
  • Tours can be customized for media upon request.
  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg may not be able to accommodate a custom tour depending on time of year, availability, lead time on request, etc.


Step 3: Media Visit Pre-Approval Form

Once you have reviewed the Media Policies and Themed Sample Itineraries, you must submit a Media Visit Pre-Approval Form.

  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg requires this form for all media visit requests.
  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg will NOT proceed with assisting any media on a tour request until this form has been submitted with all required information.
  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg will notify you if your request has been approved or denied once the information provided on your form has been reviewed by the bureau.
  • Each request for assistance is independently reviewed and evaluated.
  • Not all requests can be fulfilled or accommodated.
  • Some requests may receive a varying level of assistance determined by Visit Hershey & Harrisburg on a case-by-case basis.


Step 4: Media Pass Process for Your Visit

The last step is Visit Hershey & Harrisburg coordinating the details of your visit with all participating partner locations including arranging for all required tickets, passes, special tours, interviews, etc.

  • You will be provided with a copy of your FINAL ITINERARY including any additional information or alterations required for your visit.
  • A copy of your FINAL ITINERARY & MEDIA VISIT PRE-APPROVAL FORM will be provided to all participating partner locations on your tour.
  • Tickets are NOT provided to Media in advance of visit.
  • Tickets are typically held at the Will Call or Ticket Office at each location on your itinerary.
  • Proper ID is required to redeem the passes at each location and passes are non-transferable.