Media Tours


Visit Hershey & Harrisburg is proud to announce the “Media Days” program is returning for 2019.

  • We are currently accepting applications for visits in June and September 2019.
  • Deadline to submit your Media Visit Pre-Approval Form is February 14, 2019.

Tell me more about how to apply for Media Days and how it works?

Elk Up Close & Personal at Lake Tobias Safari Tour 2014

Above: Media get up-close and personal with our experiences in the Hershey & Harrisburg Region!


We also offer a Media Pass Program for travel media who want to visit our region on dates that do not align with our new Media Days program.

The Media Pass Program is designed to help with processing the enormous number of individual Media Tour requests we receive annually.

The following outlines how this process works:

Step 1: Review Our Media Policies

Prior to requesting a Media Tour, we strongly encourage you to review our Media Policies located under the About Us tab on this site.

Step 2: Media Tour Themes & Sample Itineraries

Review the uniquely themed media tours currently offered by Visit Hershey & Harrisburg.

  1. “Hershey Area – Been There, Haven’t Done That”
  2. “Hershey Resort – Sweet Escape”
  3. “Harrisburg – Culture Vulture”
  4. “Active & Outdoors – Soft Adventure”
  5. “Love the Local – Homemade & Handcrafted”
  6. “Grown-Up Getaway”
  7. “Wine Quest & Craft Beer Country”
  • Click on the “Download Trip PDF” button at the bottom of each tour page to see the detailed itinerary for that tour.
  • Sample Itineraries include times and additional notes for each tour.
  • Tours can be customized for media upon request.
  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg may not be able to accommodate a custom tour depending on time of year, availability, lead time on request, etc.

Step 3: Media Visit Pre-Approval Form

Once you have reviewed the Media Policies and Themed Sample Itineraries, you must submit a Media Visit Pre-Approval Form.

  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg requires this form for all media visit requests.
  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg will NOT proceed with assisting any media on a tour request until this form has been submitted with all required information.
  • Visit Hershey & Harrisburg will notify you if your request has been approved or denied once the information provided on your form has been reviewed by the bureau.
  • Each request for assistance is independently reviewed and evaluated.
  • Not all requests can be fulfilled or accommodated.
  • Some requests may receive a varying level of assistance determined by Visit Hershey & Harrisburg on a case-by-case basis.

Step 4: Media Pass Process for Your Visit

The last step is Visit Hershey & Harrisburg coordinating the details of your visit with all participating partner locations including arranging for all required tickets, passes, special tours, interviews, etc.

  • You will be provided with a copy of your FINAL ITINERARY including any additional information or alterations required for your visit.
  • A copy of your FINAL ITINERARY & MEDIA VISIT PRE-APPROVAL FORM will be provided to all participating partner locations on your tour.
  • Tickets are NOT provided to Media in advance of visit.
  • Tickets are typically held at the Will Call or Ticket Office at each location on your itinerary.
  • Proper ID is required to redeem the passes at each location and passes are non-transferable.

Mike Wilson on Media Tour at Lake Tobias in 2014

Above: Media get up-close and personal with our experiences in the Hershey & Harrisburg Region!