Looking for fun and exciting team-building activities for your next corporate event or meeting in the Pennsylvania area? The Hershey Harrisburg Region is located near some of Pennsylvania’s most popular attractions, making it the ideal destination for team bonding experiences that allow teams to get to know one another better by communicating and collaborating more effectively, all while having fun at the same time. From creative culinary competitions to exciting outdoor adventures, create memorable experiences that will be talked about for months after the meeting is over. Your team will gain the most out of a corporate meeting with any one of the many Hershey & Harrisburg, PA team-building activities offered throughout the area.

Ropes Course

Outdoor Adventure/ Corporate Team Building

Tap into the fun of the outdoors when you visit some of the Hershey and Harrisburg outdoor activities, scavenger hunts, go karts, laser tag and more. These enjoyable team adventures offer a lot of team-building activities to choose from. Explore outdoor team building activities such as guided Segway tours in beautiful, secluded vistas and serene nature to help your team relax and unwind or bring out your inner kid as you speed through go-kart racing or run through a laser tag course. 

Corporate team building is meant to excite members into an experience they can later bring into the office, when you travel through trails like Adventure Explorations you’re getting the right development in custom activities that instigate connection and revelation. Some of these activities also give you a chance to step out of the office into a few of these unique experiences that even give you a glance into the Historic Hotel Hershey

Sports Emporium Go Karts

Thrill-Seeking Challenges 

The great outdoors is a beautiful setting to take your team, but nothing beats being a kid again and firing away at some laser tag and go-kart riding at nearby Hershey venues like Adventure Sports in Hershey or a Harrisburg Escape Room. Let your next team meeting provide a new experience for your employees and meeting attendees to be challenged. 

Axe throwing is another fun way to keep the team engaged; there is nothing like having your team rally around you with support for you to hit your target goal, in this case you’re getting cheered on to literally hit a target. Axe throwing allows co-workers to feel engaged, independent, and supported when they step up to aim and throw an axe at its marker. It is a fun and interactive way for co-workers to loosen up around each other while also enjoying the skills and physical fundamentals of axe throwing. These team-building activities for large groups are outfitted with indoor fun, great food, and opportunity to let loose. The setting of most axe throwing venues allows teams to relax, get some food and fire away into learning a new technique and having a fun, interesting experience all in one evening.

Food is an interesting new way to bring people together. Most people love a good recipe, and what better way to utilize teamwork than with a culinary-focused team building activity. Whether you're learning a new skill in the kitchen or are an expert at whipping up a fresh dish, the art of cooking allows team members to learn from each other as well work together to create something delicious everyone can enjoy. Team members will fall into the roles of master chef, sous-chef, line prep and more to create a deliciously rewarding and fun treat.

Culinary team building activities

A Taste of Teamwork

Hershey and Harrisburg host a culinary culture that offers dozens of culinary team-building activities and competitions that challenge individuals to work together. Our food tours details popular activities include a chocolate lab, a Chili Cook-off, and a food truck face-off. Culinary can get the whole team involved, it's a delicious technique that creates a relaxed atmosphere and builds comfort with team members outside of the office environment.

Hershey and Harrisburg is home to several fun-filled activities and venues for your next corporate retreat or business meeting; it's ideal for those looking to get a sweet taste of Hershey, or tussle out new and fun challenges. Your business's next corporate meeting will reap the rewards of Hershey and Harrisburg’s fun team-building activities and venues in its area contact us today to reserve your next work event.