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Fun & Learning - A Sweet  Mix in Hershey & Harrisburg

When it comes to school field trips, the Hershey Harrisburg Region has a sweet mix of fun and learning! Whether you are bringing a school group, Girl Scout/Boy Scout troop, service club, or youth group to the Hershey Harrisburg Region, our variety of interactive experiences and attractions never cease to amaze, entertain, and teach!  Schedule a field trip, small gathering workshop, or team building exercise. Immerse your students in experiences that will inspire creativity and ingenuity! 

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For some planning ideas:  Downloadable copy of Student Profile Sheet

We’re here to help!  As local experts, the Visit Hershey & Harrisburg team is the secret ingredient in the recipe for your field trip and student tour planning services. If you'd like assistance building a complete itinerary, contact Sandy Stewart, Group Sales Manager, +1(717)231-2988, for personalized recommendations. Programming specific to your group’s needs is often available.

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