Fun & Learning - A Sweet  Mix in Hershey & Harrisburg

When it comes to school field trips, the Hershey Harrisburg Region has a sweet mix of fun and learning! Whether you are bringing a school group, Girl Scout/Boy Scout troop, service club, or youth group to the Hershey Harrisburg Region, our variety of interactive experiences and attractions never cease to amaze, entertain, and teach!  Schedule a field trip, small gathering workshop, or team building exercise. Immerse your students in experiences that will inspire creativity and ingenuity!


History Day, Physics Day, STEM Day, Entertaining Arts Day, Business & Marketing Day, Health & Wellness Day, Homeschool Month

Roundtop Mountain Resort

Middle School Science Curriculum for Snow Tubing, Elementary Science Curriculum for Adventure Park, Career Education and Work (PA State Standards), Middle School Math Curriculum at Adventure Park, Girl Scout STEM Days

Whitaker Center

Girls in STEM 

The Hershey Story Museum

Homeschool Days - call for dates


For some planning ideas:  Downloadable copy of Student Profile Sheet

We’re here to help!  As local experts, the Visit Hershey & Harrisburg team is the secret ingredient in the recipe for your field trip and student tour planning services. If you'd like assistance building a complete itinerary, contact our Group Sales Manager for personalized recommendations. Programming specific to your group’s needs is often available.

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