Story Ideas & Media Kit 2017

Find Your Storyline

This section is intended to help you find your ideal angle for a great story about the Hershey Harrisburg Region with convenient links to our latest tips and story ideas.

The information provided below will usually be seasonal news or thematic story ideas along with breaking news whenever we have the scoop on what has been announced or is just on the horizon.

Check back often to get the latest leads and seasonal story ideas.

What's On The Menu Today?

  1. TOP STORY: What's New for 2017?
  2. Events Round-Up: 15 Best Events for Summer & Fall 2017
  3. Events Spotlight: 3 Fairs & Festivals That Define the Region
  4. Foodie Round-Up: Top Food & Drink Spots Locals Want to Keep Secret
  5. Foodie Feature: 5 Hot Spots for Mexican & Cuban Cuisine
  6. TOP20 Sports & Events Clients for Visit Hershey & Harrisburg in 2017
  7. Accolades 2017 - We're Being Called Names & We Love It...
  8. Crunching the Numbers: Economic Impact Report of Tourism - Issued 2016
  9. "Tourism In Your Town" Advertorial Series Earns 2017 Anvil Award
  10. Local Student Murals Capture Region in Vivid Color

Looking for a Media Kit?

We actually no longer produce one.

Instead, we provide media with a copy of our new MEDIA PASS MENU upon request.

This ever-evolving document serves as our Destination Dossier, providing media with an extensively detailed description of our top attractions and most unique experiences. 

This new on-demand format allows us to constantly update this living document, ensuring media have the latest information.

We hope you will embrace this new approach to the traditional media kit format and discover the many personal stories, untapped angles, and unique flavors of our area that go well-beyond chocolate. (But don't fret, there is also still lots of stuff on chocolate!