Sweet treats from Hershey's the Bakery

Sweet Treat Trail FAQs

candy bullet   How do I participate in the Chocolate & More Sweet Treat Trail?
A staff member at each participating location will stamp your card when a purchase is made. Some locations require taking a “selfie” near iconic landmarks around Hershey & Harrisburg. 

candy bullet   How do I win at BINGO?
 There are 3 ways get BINGO on the Chocolate & More Sweet Treat Trail.
•    Get 5 stamps vertically 
•    Get 5 stamps horizontally 
•    Get 5 stamps diagonally

candy bullet   Does the postage stamp or four corners qualify as a winning card?
No, you must get 5 stamps horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to get BINGO. 

candy bullet Do I have to buy anything to get a stamp?
Yes, most locations require a purchase to receive a stamp.

candy bullet Can I use my phone to participate in BINGO?
No, participants must print the card and present it to be stamped at participating Sweet Treat Trail locations. 

candy bullet   Can everyone in my family participate? 
The whole family is invited to participate in the Sweet Treat Trail BINGO fun, however valid entries and prizes are limited to just one (1) per household/address. The online submission must come from a member of the household who is 18 years of age or older. 

candy bullet   Can multiple friends participate if they don’t live at the same address?  
Each player from a different household would need their own BINGO card to play, and each stamp requires an individual purchase (for instance, three friends need to buy three items to earn a stamp for each of their cards). We’ll send a prize to each BINGO winner with a unique address. 

candy bullet   How many stamps can we get at each location?
Each square on the BINGO card relates to one activity.  There are a few locations where participants can earn two stamps, but you must complete both activities to get both stamps.

candy bullet   Once I get BINGO, where can I redeem my card for a prize?
Individual locations cannot validate BINGO cards. They must be submitted to VHH for validation and prize distribution. 

candy bullet   How do I submit my winning BINGO card to VHH?
There are two ways to submit your winning BINGO card; Online and via mail.

Upload a photo or scan of your completed BINGO card here.


Mail completed card to: 
 VHH Sweet Treat BINGO
 3211 North Front Street | Suite 301-A 
 Harrisburg, PA 17110
candy bullet   If my winning BINGO includes a selfie, do I need to send it?
Yes, you may upload a photo online with valid BINGO card, or include it in the mail with valid card. 

candy bullet   What prize do I receive when I get BINGO?
Each valid BINGO winner will receive a HERSHEY’S Chocolate Drawstring Backpack.  Note: one prize per household

candy bullet   How long will it take to get my prize?
Prizes will be mailed via USPS within 30 days of receipt of a valid BINGO submission.

candy bullet   Are participating stops open every day?  
Each participating business has unique hours of operation.  Please check a location’s website or social media pages to confirm hours of operation. 

candy bullet   What if I lose my BINGO card? 
You can download a new card and play again, but VHH is unable to validate cards that are incomplete. 

candy bullet   Once I complete the trail, can I play again?  
You are welcome to participate as often as you’d like, however only one prize will be sent per address. VHH may release new versions of the card in the future. Check our website, follow the VHH social channels, or sign up for the Enewsletter to be notified when a new version is released.   

Questions? Email sweethelp@hersheyharrisburg.org