Media Pass Program

Apply for assistance with your working media visit to PA's Hershey & Harrisburg Region using our Media Pass Program.

Elk Up Close & Personal at Lake Tobias Safari Tour 2014

Above: Media get up-close and personal with our experiences in the Hershey & Harrisburg Region!

How to Apply for the Media Pass Program

This program is designed specifically to provide assistance to travel journalists on assignment in our region.

Apply for assistance using these two simple steps:

Step 1: Review our Media Policies.

  • Please review our general Media Policies on our media site before you request a visit.
  • Please ensure you adhere to our policies and those of our participating partners.

Step 2: Submit a Media Visit Pre-Approval Form.

  • This form is required for ALL media visit requests.
  • Requests will NOT be considered until this form has been submitted with all required information.
  • Please include detailed information on your publication/outlet, readership/reach, and audience.
  • We also ask that you provide a detailed outline of your proposed story angle.
  • Submit your completed Pre-Approval Form to

Next Steps for the Media Pass Program

Step 3: Bureau Review & Approval

  • Each request for assistance is individually reviewed and evaluated by VHH.
  • We also review your web sites, blogs, and previous articles to evaluate your request.
  • You will be notified if your request has been approved.
  • Some requests may receive a varying level of assistance determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Not all requests can be fulfilled or accommodated.
  • Due to a high volume of media requests you may not be notified if your request has been declined.

Step 4: Review Our Media Pass Menu

  • Once your visit is approved we will provide you with a Media Pass Menu.
  • This document outlines participating attractions and dining recommendations.
  • Use this document to complete your Site Visit Request Form.
  • You can also use this Media Pass Menu to create your itinerary.

Step 5: Complete Our Site Selection Form

  • This form will be provided to you by VHH.
  • This form outlines those partners currently participating in our Media Pass Program.
  • Return the completed selection form to

Step 6: Make Your Lodging Reservation

  • Media are required to make their own reservations at pre-approved "Host Hotel" properties.
  • VHH will notify you of the official hotel to contact as properties vary by season.
  • Reservations made outside of the official host hotel may NOT be eligible for reimbursement. 
  • You may contact VHH to request an exception for using the designated host hotel.
  • Any lodging outside of Dauphin County will NOT be eligible for reimbursement.

Step 7: Build Your Itinerary

  • You can build your own itinerary using the Media Tour Menu + Site Selection Form.
  • The bureau can also assist with a suggested itinerary based on your Site Selection Form.

Step 8: Coordinating Your Visit with Participating Partners

  • The bureau then provides your Pre-Approval Form to each location you’ve selected.
  • We then coordinate the appropriate Media Pass option listed below in advance of your visit.
  • Refer to your Media Tour Menu for how each attraction is tagged for ticketing purposes.
    • Media Passes/Vouchers
      • These are held at the Will Call or Ticket Office at each location.
      • Media Passes are NOT provided to Media in advance of visit.
      • Media Passes are NOT transferable.
      • Proper ID is required to redeem Media Passes at each location.
    • Hard Tickets
      • ​Tickets will be provided to you directly by the bureau.
      • Tickets are typically picked up at the hotel upon check-in.
      • Tickets are NOT provided in advance of your visit.
      • Tickets will NOT be replaced if lost or misplaced by the media guest.
    • Media Referrals
      • Anything tagged as "Media Referrals" in the Media Tour Menu denote additional logistics or direct contact is required to arrange media visits.
      • We will make initial connection and introduction for you with the Media Referral locations via email.
      • You must then communicate directly with that location to request tickets, tours, or services prior to your visit.
      • Please note some of these attractions and experiences are eligible for our Reimbursement Program and others are not. Refer to the Media Tour Menu to see details for each location.

Step 9: Submit Your Reimbursement Form

  • The Media Pass Program is a reimbursement format.
  • Media are required to initially pay for their own expenses during their visit, including: Lodging, Meals, and Tickets not arranged by VHH or provided complimentary by our partners.
  • VHH will provide you with an official Reimbursement Form that you must submit with copies of receipts from the pre-approved locations on your itinerary.
  • VHH reserves the right to deny reimbursement for expenses incurred at non-participating partner locations or any expenses that were not pre-approved on your final itinerary, or which exceed any pre-approved budget or stipend.
  • Upon date of receiving the completed form and receipts, the bureau will issue a check within 30-60 days.
  • The bureau does not reimburse through online accounts, money order, Paypal, etc.

Step 10 – Complete Our Post-Visit Survey

  • We ask all media guests to complete a post-visit survey.
  • These help us improve the media visit experience and provide feedback to partners.
  • Expenses may not be processed or reimbursed until this survey is provided to the bureau.

Mike Wilson on Media Tour at Lake Tobias in 2014

Above: Media get up-close and personal with our experiences in the Hershey & Harrisburg Region!