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Zion Lutheran Church & Graveyard

  • Rosanna St. Hummelstown, PA 17036
  • 717-566-6314

Zion Lutheran Church was built in 1815 on Rosanna Street in Hummelstown. The church is a 2.5 story limestone structure with simple detailing and was the first church in the borough. The Zion congregation began worshipping in Hummelstown in 1766 in a log church on lots given for their use by town founder Frederick Hummel. Hummel also gave the congregation a shilling from the rent he collected on each lot in Hummelstown. In 1804, the Zion congregation secured a charter of incorporation that enabled them to collect back rent on lots that had not been collected. They used this money to erect the limestone church on Rosanna Street, which the congregation worshipped in until 1893 when the congregation moved to a new, larger brownstone church nearby. They continued to use the limestone church as a parish church school and community meeting house until 1960. In 1970, the building was leased to Hummelstown Area Historical Society for a museum and offices. They continue to use the building today.