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U.S. Colored Troops Grand Review

  • Soldier's Grove, Walnut & 7th St. Harrisburg, PA 17101

At the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865, the more than 178,000 African American soldiers who had served during the war were barred from participating in the Grand Review. Held at Washington DC on May 24 & 25 , the Grand Review was a parade and celebration honoring the the end of the war. Recognizing the injustice done to the African American soldiers who had fought and died for the Union cause, Harrisburg residents organized their own Grand Review on November 14, 1865. The parade initiated at what is now Soldier’s Grove, behind the State Capitol, and proceeded to the home on Front Street of U.S. Senator and former Secretary of War, Simon Cameron. African American war correspondent T. Morris Chester served as the parade’s grand marshal and speeches were given by Simon Cameron and William Howard Day.