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Paxton Church

  • At church on Pasting Ave., near Sharon St. Paxtang, PA

Paxton Presbyterian Church is the oldest Presbyterian Church building in continuous use in Pennsylvania and the second oldest in the nation. in 1726, Reverend James Anderson became the congregation’s first regular preacher. The congregation was officially organized by the Presbytery of Donegal in 1732, and Reverend William Bertram became its first installed pastor. Reverend John Elder, the “Fighting Parson” succeeded Bertram in 1738. A commissioned officer, Elder led the Paxton Church throughout both the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars. The first church building, constructed of logs, was replaced in 1740 by the stone building that remains in use today. The adjoining churchyard holds the graves of war veterans from five wars from the French & Indian War to World War II, as well as numerous early settlers, John Harris II, and William Maclay.