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Mount Pleasant Historic District

  • Harrisburg, PA

The Mt. Pleasant Historic District is situated on a bluff in Harrisburg overlooking the river plain on which the Capitol Complex is built. Also known as Allison Hill, the district is characterized by an irregular street pattern common to 19th century industrial neighborhoods in which work, residence, commerce and transportation all coexisted within a tight area. It runs from Sylvan Terrace to 19th Street and from Market to Brookwood Streets. The historic district is a self-contained community of factories and working-class housing that evolved around the work opportunities created by factories including the Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Company, the Harrisburg Manufacturing and Boiler Company, and the Harrisburg Boot and Shoe Company that were established in the area following the completion of a rail line in the 1880s. Development in the area was encouraged by factory owners who realized the profitability of extending the existing rail line and acquired & subdivided land subsequently sold as housing for their factory workers. With its working-class roots and conservative regional German-influenced architectural style, the neighborhood exists in sharp contrast to the Capitol Complex neighborhood on the plain below.