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Mira Lloyd Dock

  • North Front Street near Reily St. Harrisburg, PA

Mira Lloyd Dock was the daughter of a wealthy Harrisburg businessman. At the age of 43, after spending 20 years caring for her siblings and father, she entered the University of Michigan where she studied botany, chemistry, and geology. She became a founding member of the Civic Club of Harrisburg and attended the International Congress of Women in 1899 as a representative for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. While overseas, Dock spent time studying the beautification efforts of English & European cites. When she returned to Harrisburg, she started giving lectures promoting the establishment of public parks & green spaces to promote health and better moral behavior among the urban poor. In the early 1900s, Dock partnered with Harrisburg businessman and civic reformer J. Horace McFarland to lead a campaign that garnered national attention and ultimately resulted in the creation of a water treatment plan, sewer lines, 900 acres of parks, public lakes, athletic fields, and playgrounds throughout Harrisburg. In 1901, Dock became the first woman to serve in state government when she was appointed to the State Forest Commission, a position she held for 12 years.