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Millersburg Ferry/Kramer-Crow Ferry


The oldest and only surviving ferry to cross the Susquehanna River began in Millersburg in the 1820s when rights to operate the service were transferred from Millersburg founder Daniel Miller to David Kramer. The ferry was an important means of transportation, allowing farmers from Perry and Juniata counties to transport crops and livestock from their farms to markets in Harrisburg and Lancaster. It transported goods and passengers to and from Millersburg on the east shore of the river to Buffalo Township (near Routes 11 & 15), Perry County. The first ferry boats were pole operated bateau-type crafts. In 1873, ferry operators switched to larger and more powerful steam-driven paddle boats. These boats required deep water to operate, so the river was dammed using ferry walls from shore to shore. In the 1920s, gasoline engines replaced steam power. As more and more bridges were built across the Susquehanna, ferry service dwindled. Today, the Millersburg Ferry Boat Association operates two all-wooden double stern wheel paddle boats for visitors wishing to cross the river by boat.