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John Ayres House

  • 1801 Peter's Mountain Rd. Middle Paxton Township, PA 17018

The John Ayres house is a two and a half story limestone house located in Dauphin. Though there had been earlier log structures at the same site, the earliest part of the stone home was erected circa 1800-1810. The Ayres family settled at the foot of Peters Mountain in 1773 when John Ayres was 19. John eventually purchased his father’s land and land around it. By 1794, he owned around 400 acres in the area. For an unknown reason, a large portion of John’s land including that on which the stone house stood was sold at sheriff’s sale in 1819 with the condition that the Ayres family be allowed to continue living in the house. John Ayres’ son farmed near the home and converted the Ayres home into a hotel. Located at an early turnpike crossing, the hotel became a frequent stop for stagecoach passengers and a hub for community news and information.