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  • Rte. 422 north side, near 19 E. Chocolate Ave. Hershey, PA

Soon after Hershey Chocolate Company founder Milton S. Hershey completed his new chocolate factory in 1905, a community of workers began to populate the dairy farmland that surrounded the factory. Committed to creating a model town that would not simply house workers in a hastily-constructed inhospitable “company town” with little infrastructure, Hershey invested in building comfortable one- and two-family homes and an inexpensive public transportation system. He also worked to ensure that the town had a quality public education system and numerous opportunities for cultural enrichment. Recognizing the importance for recreation and relaxation, the amusement park that bears his name — Hersheypark, first opened its gates in 1907, providing a place for workers to relax and play with their families. When the Great Depression struck, Milton Hershey embarked on a “Great Building Campaign” in order to provide stable well-paying jobs to the unemployed in the area. Many of the town’s most recognizable structures were erected during this period, including The Hotel Hershey, the grand Hershey Theatre, and Hersheypark Arena and Stadium.