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Hershey Community Center Building

  • 2 Chocolate Ave. Hershey, PA 17033

The Hershey Community Center Building was erected between 1932 and 1933. The building was one of several building projects undertaken by Milton Hershey during the Great Depression in order to provide additional jobs to the community. During this period, Hershey also facilitated the construction of The Hotel Hershey, Milton Hershey Junior/Senior High School, The Hershey Chocolate Company Office building, and the Hershey Arena. Designed by noted Philadelphia architect Paul Phillipe Cret and Milton Hershey himself, the Community Center housed two theaters, a gymnasium, library, swimming pool, games rooms, and a dormitory. Hershey was determined not to construct the typical bleak “factory town” devoid of attractive elements, cultural enrichment, and family entertainment. The Community Center is an example of the opportunities for entertainment and enrichment he provided to Hershey workers and townspeople. Other notable projects were the Hershey Theatre, Hersheypark, and the Hershey Arena.