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Henry Smith Farm (Hidden Spring Farm)

  • 950 Swatara Creek Rd. Middletown, PA 17057

The Henry Smith/Hidden Spring Farm consists of a two story brownstone Federal-style home built in 1806 and a traditional Pennsylvania bank barn built of brownstone built between 1845 and 1847. The home is one of the earliest extant brownstone homes in the area. Improvements on the property, including the barn, are tangible evidence of a successful farm on which buildings were constructed and improved as the farm prospered. The farm is part of 221 acres originally patented to John Laird in 1765. In 1799, Jacob Smith purchased a portion of that land from Laird’s son in 1799. Jacob’s son Henry, inherited the property from his father and in 1806 constructed the brownstone home. At the time, brownstone had to be hauled by wagon from several miles away, indicating Henry intended to build a home that would last generations. The home features a traditionally German date stone carved “Bilt by Henrey & Catharine Smith, 1806” and an interior constructed on the traditional Georgian plan of two rooms on either side of a central hall.