Gettysburg Heritage Center


A visual and interactive orientation experience! The story of the Battle of Gettysburg is told from two perspectives - the civilians who lived in the town before, during and after the battle, and the soldiers who fought in the fields and through the town.  First, take a step back in time to the town of Gettysburg, and learn about the people who found themselves in the middle of a epic battle! Utilizing various historical documents, artifacts, interactive displays and 3-D photography, visitors discover ordinary people doing extraordinary things, at a difficult time in our nation’s history. 

The second part of the tour is a 20-minute movie presentation that offers a great orientation to the Battle of Gettysburg. The award-winning movie, “Gettysburg: An Animated Map,” is presented by the Civil War Trust. The Gettysburg Heritage Center museum is the perfect place to begin your tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield!

Located in the lobby of the Heritage Center is one of Gettysburg's largest and finest gift shops! It offers a wide selection of apparel, books, souvenirs, gifts, collectibles, home decor, games and toys, and much more!

With a conscientious, courteous staff, the Gettysburg Heritage Center assures each customer first-rate assistance.

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