Everhart Covered Bridge


The Everhart Covered Bridge was built around 1881 to span Little Buffalo Creek in Oliver Township, Perry County. When Mrs. Margaret Wister Meigs, the preserve of Fort Hunter, heard of its planned replacement by the Highway Department in 1941, she simply bought the bridge to save it. She had it dismantled and placed on the front lawn of the Mansion as a park attraction, where it sat for forty years. By 1980 the bridge had deteriorated. It was dismantled once again and placed in storage. When the gift of the park was made by the Meigs family in 1908 is was understood by all parties that all of the historic structures would eventually be restored, including the covered bridge. In 2006 the bridge was recreated and located on the northeastern edge of the park. The original elements proved invaluable in recreating the current bridge.

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