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Clemson Island Prehistoric District

  • 3121 Susquehanna Trail Duncannon, PA 17020

The Clemson Island Prehistoric District is an archaeological and historic district located on a 123 acre island in the Susquehanna River in Halifax Township. The island has been owned by the Pennsylvania Game Commission since 1965. The district is comprised of three separate sites that comprise a transitional mid-to-late Woodland period mound and village that dates from 9000 BC to the 18th century. The mound was first excavated by archaeologists in 1929. There are 19 burial sites and numerous other features including “floor pits” marking dwelling locations and a fire pit. The artifacts recovered from Clemson Island are representative of all time periods in Pennsylvania’s prehistory with the exception of the Paleo-Indian period. Such a range of artifacts enables archaeological study of settlement patterns in a constant environment where any changes were due not to a shift in geographic location but to a shift in culture and technology.