What’s included in the one-price Mountain Adventure experience at Roundtop Mountain Resort?

OGO Balls – An 11-foot diameter ball with a second 6-foot ball suspended inside by cords. The inflated outer ball is made of a soft, transparent vinyl material and the inner ball, where you ride, contains about 5 gallons of fresh water. The balls roll down the mountain on tracks, and inside the inner ball, you stay upright (there’s no flipping over as you roll), while essentially surfing your way down the hill on the water inside your suspended ball. Meanwhile, the larger outer balls rolls and carries you downhill. Each ball can accommodate 1-3 riders and the experience is refreshing, exhilarating and a lot of fun!

Tree House Zips – Four 100-foot zip lines that start on a two-story tower featuring unique climbing elements.

Canopy Crawl – A structure of wobbly bridges and net crawls with an observation deck.

Alpine Traverse – A towering passageway that runs from the Canopy Crawl though a tree house to the woods. It features several fun obstacles including a suspension bridge, inclined bridge and a pitched climbing wall.

The Woods – A great area for younger kids, The Woods features several short zip lines, bridges, a Tarzan swing and several close-to-the-ground climbing and skill-testing elements.

Cedar Maze – A 4,800 square foot maze – race your friends and the clock to the exit!

Bumper Boats – A large pond with electric bumper boats that you steer, while squirting other riders with water for lots of summer fun.

Scenic Chairlift Ride – A scenic ride up the mountainside, over 600 vertical feet. You may ride round-trip or get off at the top to explore and then ride or hike down. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a view of up to 6 counties - breathtaking! The Scenic Chairlift Ride can also be purchased a la carte.