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Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Swords at Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

“Here ye! Here ye! Let it be known far and wide that all who step foot upon this glorious Shire shall be forever touched with enchantment, the grace of a Queen and the heart of a King!”

If "characters" and the Hershey Harrisburg Region are mentioned in the same though, chances are you'll think of the famous Hershey's bar, Kiss or Reese. But each fall, a different (and much, much, much older) set of characters take up residence not far away from our sweet chocolaty friends. 

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At the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on the grounds of beautiful Mount Hope Estate, you’ll walk among nobility and strolling minstrels along footpaths lined with fighting pits and peddler’s carts. Nothing is left to the imagination because guests step into a world where the cast of characters are so completely absorbed in their roles that it is very much as though you’re in a different place in a different time. 

Meet the Queen as she walks with her maids to the town square. Bow to the King as he strides to his place atop the jousting stage.  Laugh with the fools who play in the mud and sing with the townsfolk as they play their cares away. 

Mud Pit at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

The cast is so extensive, so engaged that it’s nearly impossible for a guest to leave the grounds without being part of a live show or approached in passing by a curious commoner.  (No matter that cameras didn’t exist in 1513 – the King and Queen happily pose every few steps for a royal portrait.)

The fun isn’t just reserved for the youngest members of your crew. Make it a date night or a gather with some friends for a pint of ale and some lively entertainment. 

No matter whom you choose for travel companions on this royal journey, plan for hours of mirth and merriment! Don’t mistake the event for a scene to be conquered in a whirlwind! Spend the day if you can, and know that even then there is more to be seen! Each weekend is uniquely themed, so your experience can be different with every visit. Consider a long weekend to build in the region’s other cool characters, from Hershey’s sweets to the character of the Capital City.
The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire runs every weekend through November 1, 2020. Find out more info here about advance reservations, etc. 

Characters at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire