Chocolate and an amusement park are often the first things that come to mind when you think about Milton Hershey, but his legacy and influence go far beyond those two products. Mr. Hershey loved to create places of cultural enrichment for the community.  He and his wife, Catherine enjoyed horticulture, and through the years built several greenhouses and a conservatory where they held parties and events.After Catherine's death, Milton continued to support botanical efforts in the community with a request to plant "a small garden of roses." Over the years, the request grew into 23-acres of lush landscape, flowers, trees and other greenery at Hershey Gardens.

Hershey Conservatory Historical

This summer, the new Milton and Catherine Conservatory at Hershey Gardens will open to the public. The new building will make the Gardens a year-round attraction and will also become the new entrance to the Gardens. Guests will pass through the building for ticketing before stepping out onto the terrace that boasts stunning views of the Gardens and the Hershey Hotel.  (We shouldn’t leave out the fact that before you enter the building,  you’ll take in sweeping views of Hersheypark and the Town of Hershey. Cameras at the ready!)

VIDEO: A Day in the Life at Hershey Gardens

The Conservatory will be home to one of just 25 year-round indoor tropical Butterfly Atriums in the country, with more than 600 butterflies from 200-300 species. The butterflies will take flight in a natural-light-filled, high tech space heated to a steady 78-82 degrees.  

Hershey Conservatory Construction