Question: When is a s’more more than just a s’more?  
Answer: When it’s made in Chocolatetown USA – home of the Great American Hershey’s Chocolate Bar! 

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Because nothing says traditional treat quite like the gooey goodness of that famous campfire cuisine! And nothing brings a family together quite like all the special moments made at a campsite, from tackling the tent to roasting the perfect hot dog. 

Camping in Visit Hershey Harrisburg

Hersheypark Camping Resort anchors a list of unique camping destinations around the Hershey Harrisburg Region. It’s the perfect spot to connect with all the adventure of the outdoors while staying just a stone’s throw away from the region’s top attractions. See the full list of campsites here. 

Never camped before?  There’s no blueprint, so you’re free to find your outdoors style that fits your family. Keep it simple with a tent near the tree line and make new friends with the families to your left and right. Or, reserve a cozy cabin to camp with a rustic roof over your head.

Camping connoisseur? The region's campsites offer a variety of all of the amenities and activities you need, from pools to picnic tables to horse shoe and fire pits. And, of course, the peace and quiet of a calm nature's night. 

Family camping in Visit Hershey Harrisburg

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