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What visitors need to know about parking in the city of Harrisburg

Published: Apr 14, 2014

Get links to the best resources for those planning to park in the city of Harrisburg including a tutorial video, details on meter system, hours of operation & costs, and contact information for PARK Harrisburg.

VIDEO: How to use the new parking meter system in Harrisburg
PLUS other helpful resources for understanding parking in the city.

Harrisburg, PA – The Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau (HHRVB) is helping to spread the word along with other city-based organizations on how to operate the new parking meter system that went live in Harrisburg on March 17, 2014. 

1.    View tutorial video on how to use meters;
2.    New Harrisburg parking rules taking effect: what you need to know, Pennlive.com (March 13, 2014);
3.    Harrisburg parking meters go live, Pennlive.com (March 17, 2014);
4.    Report a problem;
5.    Get more information
6.    Contact PARK Harrisburg  
    223 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101  
    Office hours: 9am-4pm Mon-Fri.
    (717) 234-2274 or ParkHarrisburg.com
New Multi-Space Meters
Forty multi-space, on-street pay stations have been installed in Harrisburg’s central business district along Forster Street to Market Street (north to south), and Front Street to 3rd Street (west to east). Park Harrisburg will continue installing the upgraded pay stations throughout Harrisburg, and a list of new locations will be posted on the ParkHarrisburg.com website once upgrades have been completed.

The new on-street meter will be enforced Monday through Saturday, from 8:00am to 7:00pm with a standard rate of $3.00 per hour, payable in 15 minute increments. Streets with original meters will remain at current rates and be enforced according to the current schedule until the new multi-space meters are installed. Cash keys will no longer be accepted at the new pay stations. Customers should visit the Park Harrisburg office at 223 Walnut Street in Harrisburg to obtain a new Smart Card.

On Street Meters
There are in excess of 1300 metered-parking spaces located throughout the city of Harrisburg.

Central Business District includes the area bordered by Front Street, Market Street, Fisher Plaza and Forster Street (generally the area around the Capital Complex and the downtown shopping area). Meters in the Central Business District are $.75 for 15 minutes or $3.00 per hour. Rates for the surrounding area are 30 minutes for $.75 or $1.50 per hour.

Meters are color coded to show parking time limitations: orange/black stripe – 30 minutes, red – 2 hour limit, yellow – 4 hour limit, and green – all day parking.

The majority of the parking meters are located in the central business district and the downtown area with additional parking meters in the midtown area and in the vicinity of Polyclinic Medical Center. There are nine (9) handicap parking meters located throughout the downtown area all of which have a two-hour time limit with a one-hour grace period after the two hours.

Operation & Hours
Meter parking is in effect 8:00am – 7:00pm Monday through Saturday. There is no charge for meter parking on Sunday and major holidays, which include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 


Author: Rick Dunlap

Public Relations Director
Visit Hershey & Harrisburg
3211 North Front Street, Suite 301 A, Harrisburg, PA 17110