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HOLIDAY ROUND-UP: Seasonally-Inspired Foods in the HHR 2017

Published: Nov 8, 2017

Read our blog from Oct. 27, 2017 for a tasty round-up of the best spots for dining during the holidays in the Hershey & Harrisburg Region. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two special days in a season of celebrating and indulging! Everyone makes allowances this time of year for an extra helping of dessert and delicious cocktails to cheers with loved ones.

In the Hershey Harrisburg Region, you can tell it’s the holidays by the seasonally-inspired treats offered by our creative chefs. 

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Author: Rick Dunlap

Public Relations Director
Visit Hershey & Harrisburg
3211 North Front Street, Suite 301 A, Harrisburg, PA 17110