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PA Tourism Report for 2013 shows visitors are spending at record levels in HHR & Commonwealth.

Published: Feb 1, 2015

See the breakdown of the 2013 Economic Impact of Travel & Tourism Industry Report for PA, issued by the PA Tourism Office in January 2015, that showed a record year for visitor spending for the entire Commonwealth, the 9-county region known as PA's Dutch Country Roads, and for Dauphin & Perry Counties combined. HHR again ranked #4 for visitor demand.

Read the complete 2013 Economic Impact of Travel and Tourism Industry report for Pennsylvania issued by the PA Tourism Office in January 2015 with research compiled by Tourism Economics, An Oxford Economics Company.

This annual report provides state, regional, and county-level estimates that demonstrate the vital importance of the travel industry to Pennsylvania’s economy. The report provides estimates of visitor spending, employment and earnings derived from traveler spending, the contribution of the travel industry to the Pennsylvania’s gross state product, and tax receipts derived from traveler spending.

The Pennsylvania Tourism Office chose a new vendor, Tourism Economics, to produce the economic impact of travel and tourism report starting with the 2009 calendar year data. With the change in vendors, the tourism office changed the methodology used in generating the estimates from a standard input/output model to the tourism satellite account model, a methodology now being used by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, several states, and many nations.


Visitor Spending:       Increased 2.0% in 2013 = $39.2 Billion - New Record High

Number of Visitors:    192.9 million Domestic & international travelers

Travel Segment:         Largest travel segment was Day-Trip Visitor.

Overnight Visitation:  Increased only 0.1% from 2012.

Jobs:                         304,155 jobs (direct) in PA.
                                 One out of every 15.3 employees in PA is supported by Travel & Tourism.

Taxes:                       $4.13 Billion in State & Local taxes 
                                 $4.16 Billion in Federal taxes 

Dutch Country Roads Region                            
This region is comprised of the following counties: Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York. This area has the second largest (#2) Share of Visitor Spending.

1.    Philadelphia and The Countryside – 22.9%
2.    Dutch Country Roads – 20.1%
3.    Pittsburgh and Its Countryside – 19.5%
4.    Pocono Mountains – 7.6%
5.    Upstate PA – 5.6%

Visitor Spending: $7.8 Billion   
Increase of 2.6% from 2012 marking a New Record High for this area of Pennsylvania. DCR continued to have highest proportion of traveler spending on shopping and second lowest share on transportation of the state’s 11 tourism regions in 2013.

Travel Economy Employment Intensity Index
This is the measurement of dependence each area has on the travel industry for jobs. Dutch Country Roads has a high number of tourism-related jobs but has a low economy employment intensity index because the region has a highly diverse economic base which makes it less dependent on solely that industry. 

Hershey Harrisburg Region                                
2013 Tourism Economic Impact Numbers for the Hershey Harrisburg Region.

Top 4 Regions for Visitor Spending in PA
The Hershey Harrisburg Region (HHR), consisting of Dauphin and Perry Counties, ranked fourth among 49 Destination Marketing Areas in Pennsylvania for total visitor spending with $2.33 Billion in 2013. This reflects a 3% increase from $2.26 Billion in 2012.
1.    Philadelphia                   $5.59 Billion       (+3.71%)
2.    Pittsburgh                      $5.57 Billion       (+1.46%)
3.    Pocono Mountains          $2.97 Billion       (+0.50%)
4.    Hershey Harrisburg       $2.33 Billion     (+3.00%)
5.    Lancaster                       $1.85 Billion      (+1.65%)

Visitor Spending by Category 2013
1.    Transportation         $656.6 Million     (+1.52%) 
2.    Recreation              $548.6 Million     (+4.77%)
3.    Food & Beverage    $428.0 Million     (+4.04%)
4.    Retail                     $354.5 Million     (+1.81%)
5.    Lodging                  $341.6 Million     (+3.33%)

Visitor Spending (9 yr trend)
2013    $2.33 Billion – Best Year since 2005.
2012    $2.26 Billion
2011    $2.18 Billion
2010    $2.05 Billion 
2009    $1.92 Billion
2008    $2.19 Billion
2007    $1.91 Billion 
2006    $1.84 Billion
2005    $1.77 Billion

Employment from Tourism 2013

Jobs         27,013 (+.79%)    
Income     $1.03 Billion (+3.30%)    

Tax Revenue Generated by Tourism 2013
State & Local    $252.0 Million (+3.11%)
Federal        $256.2 Million (+3.64%)

Domestic Spending Trends by Trip Type 2013

Overnight Leisure traveler estimated spending per day: $275

Day-trip Leisure traveler estimated spending per day: $114

Overnight Business Traveler estimated spending per day: $467

Both overnight and day-trip leisure visitors spent slightly more this year per visit due to the economic rebound and consumer confidence levels rising. This usually translates into visitors spending a bit more on food & beverage and recreation.

Overnight Business Travel segment accounts for the highest per trip spend of any trip category with transportation and lodging accounting for over ¾ of the total expenditures.
*Source: 2013 Economic Impact of Tourism in Pennsylvania 
Report issued January 2015 by Tourism Economics (An Oxford Economics Company)




Author: Rick Dunlap

Public Relations Director
Visit Hershey & Harrisburg
3211 North Front Street, Suite 301 A, Harrisburg, PA 17110