The AACA Museum will become the permanent home to the Cammack Tucker Collection on October 9, 2014. The new gallery, a year in the making, will open during the annual AACA Eastern Division National Fall Meet in Hershey from Oct. 8-11, 2014.

Largest collection of Tucker automobiles & automobilia
parking permanently at Antique Auto Museum in Hershey, PA 

New Cammack Tucker Gallery opens to public on October 9, 2014

Hershey, PA – The AACA Museum today officially announced their new highly-anticipated gallery dedicated to the Cammack Tucker collection of vehicles and memorabilia will open on October 9, 2014.

The gallery will permanently house the world's largest collection of three (3) Tucker vehicles and Tucker automobilia from the David Cammack Collection.   

The gallery has been a year in the making from accessioning artifacts to developing exhibit designs.

The Grand Opening was appropriately timed to take place during the annual AACA Eastern Division National Fall Meet in Hershey (October 8-11, 2014). Considered one of the largest antique automobile shows and flea markets in the United States, the event consists of over 9,000 market spaces and over 1,000 car corral areas with 1,500 show cars.  

The enthusiasm and creativity that propelled Preston Tucker and his vision for the Tucker automobile is something that has captured the hearts of many, according to Nancy Gates, spokesperson for the AACA Museum. 
Mr. David Cammack, an avid Tucker collector and friend of the AACA Museum, requested that upon his death, the extensive Tucker Collection be on display and open to the public at the antique auto museum that opened in Hershey in 2003. The new permanent 5,200 square-foot gallery will now honor the wishes of Mr. Cammack’s, who passed away in 2013, as well as chronicle Preston Tucker's life and history before and after the fabled Tucker '48.   

The Cammack collection includes three 1948 Tucker '48 vehicles, the factory Tucker test chassis, thousands of engineering drawings and blueprints, original Tucker parts, several engines as well as many other artifacts and displays. The vehicles include Tucker #1001 - the first 'production' prototype, Tucker #1022, and Tucker #1026 - the only existing Tucker built with an automatic transmission. A total of 51 Tuckers were built by hand in Chicago, of which 47 are known to still exist.   Preston Tucker and his story was detailed in Francis Ford Coppola's 1988 film, "Tucker: The Man and His Dream" and certainly helped bolster the public's intense fascination with the "Car of Tomorrow".
Museum officials say the grand opening will include Phase 1 of the exhibit, while they continue to raise funds to introduce additional interactive elements that will enhance the exhibit over time. To donate to this exhibit visit the website

Preston Tucker's family, including grandson John Jr. and great-grandsons Mike and Sean Tucker, has also endorsed the project, expressing their willingness to act as historical advisors. Sean Tucker was elated to be a crucial part of the exhibit. 

"The effort being put forth by the AACA team in the presentation of the Cammack Tucker collection is not only an honor to the Tucker family but also to the man who had an amazing passion to preserve the history of the Tucker story," said Sean Tucker. "As a member of the Tucker family it is truly a privilege to serve as a Historical Advisor to this exciting endeavor.