Summary of attached article by TheBurg:

According to the results of a new study “Middle America Project,” conducted by Echelon Insights, an Alexandria, Va.-based research and data analytics firm, Dauphin County, PA ranked statistically the most typical county in the United States. 

“Dauphin County is home to Pennsylvania’s state capital of Harrisburg and is statistically the closest to resembling America as a whole,” states the report.

Echelon drilled down into a host of demographic and other data and gave each of America’s 3,000-plus counties (and similar jurisdictions) a “Middle America score” based upon how closely they compared to national averages.

According to the study, Dauphin County is 99.91 percent “more typical” than all other counties, making it the most-typical county in the country. It mirrors the nation’s averages on a wide range of comparative data—from median household income to median age to education levels.

Echelon said it used “more than a dozen measures” to arrive at its “Middle America score,” which, for Dauphin County, totaled 2,781 points, the most of any county.

According to the report, Dauphin County:

  • Has a median income of $54,968 vs. the national median of $57,805
  • Has a college graduation rate of 29.3 percent vs. the national rate of 30.3 percent
  • Has church congregation membership of 47.8 percent vs. the national average of 48.8 percent
  • Voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election by a margin of 2.9 points versus the nationwide tally of 2.1 points.

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